Bad Excuses Not to Play Rugby:

I don’t know how to play rugby. Most of us had not played it before coming to Wharton.

I’m not in shape. Do you think six years at a desk job has turned us into world class athletes? Just get out there and play; You’ll get back into shape. Our conditioning coaches will make sure of it.

I don’t have time, I have to focus on my grades. You are taking school wayyyyy too seriously. Ask any current or former Wharthog, they will agree it was the best thing they did at Wharton.

  • Multiple active Hogs make the Directors List every year
  • Hogs frequently tutor each other and help with homework
  • We are flexible with scheduling and it’s possible to balance multiple activities while playing rugby

Rugby is too rough. It isn’t gentle, but we truly believe it is a game played by gentlemen. Rugby is a contact sport…but contact in rugby is more a matter of skill and finesse than heavy impact hits.


Additional Rugby Resources

If you’ve never seen Rugby, played Rugby, or are new to the sport, there are a bunch of great links.