Who Can Become a Hog?

The Wharton Rugby Football Club (WRFC) is looking for guys interested in fitness, competition, and camaraderie! Previous rugby experience is not required. Come out to learn the game, compete with local clubs / university teams, and have a great time with fellow students. We have two competitive seasons. Our fall season begins in early September and ends in late October, just in time for recruiting season. The spring season kicks off in February (after focused recruiting period) and ends with the MBA World Cup in April. Players can join at any time and the team is flexible with individual conflicts. We are a strong, competitive, and fun group.

The WRFC draws its players from all the graduate schools of the University of Pennsylvania, although the majority of members are students at The Wharton School. We welcome players of all skill levels and experience. Practices and games are competitive; we play to win. Traditionally, we field two teams for major tournaments and tours so all members have the opportunity to travel and play against regional, national, and international competition.

Step 1: Join the Hoglet Email List

Express your interest in Wharton Rugby by signing up for the Hoglet list below. We’ll keep you informed of selected events, info sessions and other opportunities to connect with the Hogs while you consider membership.

Step 2: Pay Dues and Become an Official Member of the Hogs

If you are a Wharton or Penn student, you may join us via Campus Groups at http://groups.wharton.upenn.edu/club_signup


Why Should You Become a Hog?

While there are quite literally hundreds of reasons to become a Hog, here are a few of our favorites.

Reason #257: You’ll Join one of Penn’s Most Elite GroupsCurrent “Hogs in High Places” Include:

Club Presidents (16)
Club Officers (49)
Wharton Graduate Association (3)
Venture Fellows (4)
Leadership Fellows (2)
Non Profit Board Leadership Fellows (6)
Student Life Fellows (4)
Welcome Committee (3)
WEP Fellows (5)

Reason #162: Hogs are Worldwide

Whether an international rugby tour in Argentina, or an independent trek through the outback or standing on a table in Munich during Oktoberfest your rugby brothers, there’s no limit to the cool places you could end up as a member of the Wharthogs brotherhood.

Reason #112: We Wharthogs are Social Animals

If you love to have fun then you’ve got to check out the Hogs. We host regular planned (and unplanned!) social gatherings and events for our members and occasionally for the larger Wharton/Penn community.

Reason #57: The Network. The Network. The Network.

The WRFC has one of the strongest and well-connected alumni networks among Wharton clubs. The WRFC takes pride in its continuous outreach and interaction between current Hogs and alumni in both social and professional capacities.

Extensive  WRFC alumni database
Annual Alumni Game
Alumni dinner at Dino BBQ in NYC
Alumni career networking opportunities

Reason #3: This will be THE BEST Part of Your Wharton Experience—Hands Down.